Wolf People talk uncool influences and recording boot camp

"We've picked all the really uncool trad-folk and the first wave of British hard rock that no-one really likes..."

Meld fat Iommi tones with Fairport Convention-esque chord progressions, and you get Wolf People´s miniature prog epics.

It´s almost like someone rolled the 70s up into a gigantic doobie- spliff thing and lit the end with
a valve amp. “A lot of people pick all the cool bands as their influences,” says guitarist Joe Hollick. “Whereas we´ve picked all the really uncool trad-folk and the first wave of British hard rock that no-one really likes...”

Having met in London and formed around the nucleus of frontman Jack Sharp´s songwriting, the band signed to US indie label Jagjaguwar before releasing first album, Steeple. Now they live all over the UK, which meant that follow-up, Fain, required a “recording boot camp” - in Joe´s house.

“It´s an old gatehouse, by a river in the Yorkshire Dales,” he reveals. “It was really good for everyone else because it was an escape to the country, whereas I was just getting progressively madder because the floor was getting dirty.”

Still, at least he got a bed. The rest of the band camped outside to store the gear inside - a move we heartily endorse, given that said gear includes Joe´s ´67 Gibson Firebird, Jack´s ´64 Hagstrom Viking, plus 1961 Fender Concert and 70s ‘silverface´ amps.

Still, guitars and amps aside, the secret to Wolf People´s unique sound is style. The blend of Jack´s Peter Green-isms and Joe´s “muddy” pick-less playing is passed through a musical kaleidoscope forged from years of record collecting.

“There´ll always be CDs being passed about, and on every track you´ll be like, ‘Holy s**t. This is amazing. I want to nick that!´” explains Joe. “You have all these grand ideas, but as soon as you start playing, you´re not good enough to rip it off, so it ends up coming across like us, anyway!”

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