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There are few things as satisfying as sitting down with an acoustic guitar and losing yourself for an hour or two.

Whether playing alone or with friends, experimenting with new tunings and techniques or simply strumming out a few trusty chords, there's a world of possibilities open to players who take the time to get properly acquainted with their acoustic.

It's the purest distillation of what it means to be a guitarist; an acoustic guitar doesn't need electricity or soundproofed rooms to reach its full potential, just willing fingers and, at a stretch, a pick. It can be played anywhere, at any time, by anyone with the inclination to learn a handful of chords.

Yet for all its apparent simplicity, there's enough depth and complexity in the world of the acoustic guitar to last anyone dedicated to its study a lifetime. A huge array of body shapes and styles from classical to the contemporary, playing techniques and schools of thought, for the uninitiated it can be a bewildering experience.

Which is why this week, MusicRadar is going in-depth on all things acoustic. We'll be covering everything from the history of the instrument and how it's built through to playing styles and techniques, big-name artist interviews and buying guides, plus plenty more besides.

We'll be keeping this page updated throughout the week with links to all the acoustic features on the site. Keep it bookmarked and check back every day for tons of unplugged goodness…

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