VIDEO: Pete Townshend talks technology, surround sound, iPhone apps

The secrets of Quadrophenia reissue, plus unseen photos, lyrics and notes

Image 1 of 8 Quadrophenia
An outtake from the album cover-shoot.
Image 2 of 8 Alternative running order
Pete Townshend: "This is extremely interesting. The tracks left out of the main running order include The Punk and the Godfather, I'm One and even The Real Me. Included in the running order is a song called Thursday."
Image 3 of 8 Keith Moon in the studio
"Keith giving the thumbs-up to one of Roger's amazing vocal performances."
Image 4 of 8 Mixing notes
"These are some of my mixing notes written while working down at my studio in Cleeve with Ron Nevison, Ron Fawcus and Rod Houison. Ron Fawcus's girlfriend, a sexy dark-haired hippy girl, was the first to hear the emerging completed mix. I remember how she described it after the first listen. "Mind-fucking". Now one of my favourite conjunctions."
Image 5 of 8 Sound engineer Bob Pridden
"Bob Pridden offering me illegal drugs."
Image 6 of 8 Drowned lyrics
"Written at some point in 1970, before Quadrophenia was born."
Image 7 of 8 John Wolff
"John Wolff, without whom Ramport would never have been built."
Image 8 of 8 Lost All His Pals On the Train
"Some more of the lyrics for '5.15'"
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As we previously reported, The Who have just released Quadrophenia: The Director's Cut - a deluxe boxset reissue of their seminal album overseen and approved by guitarist Pete Townshend.

In the video above Townshend explains the thinking behind the 5.1 surround sound mix of the record, the technology used to remaster it, the 'Q Cloud' bonus content and loads more.

Check out the gallery for rare photos, lyrics and recording notes with annotations from Townshend.

Quadrophenia: The Director's Cut is out now, buy it from Amazon or iTunes.