Mooer reveals Devin Townsend signature Ocean Machine delay and reverb pedal

First details and demo of dual delay, reverb and looper

As you'll know from our most recent rig tour, Devin Townsend is a tonehound of the highest order. Accordingly, we were excited to hear that the man himself is working with Mooer on a signature delay/reverb pedal, the Ocean Machine, and we've just got wind of the very first details.

The Ocean Machine packs dual delay and reverb, as well as a looper. Three footswitches activate each effect individually, and double up as record/play/stop, half-speed and reverse looper functions.

Each delay offers a host of options: delay A features digital, echo, galaxy, rotary, tri-mod, liquid, tremolo, reverse and mod-inverse, while delay B features digital, real, analog, tape, mod, lofi, tube, dyna and filler.

Reverbs include room, hall, plate, phaser-verb, flanger-verb, filter, reverse, spring and mod. Eagle-eyed pedal fans will also note a separate shimmer control, which dials in octave effects.

Stereo inputs and outputs and MIDI compatibility afford the pedal additional versatility, as does a natty LCD screen, which you can see in the demo video above from the good folk at Effects Database.

The pedal has been in the works for a while - back in August 2015, Townsend tweeted: "@MooerAudio have agreed to try and make a very small, reasonably priced 2 delay and reverb, triple pedal called the Ocean Machine with me."

There's no word on availability yet, but Devin reckons the Ocean Machine will hit the streets for around $250. That could make it a genuine affordable contender to similar multi-function efforts from Line 6, TC Electronic, and (whisper it) maybe even Strymon and Eventide…