A/DA makes its legendary Flanger stompbox pedalboard friendly

California company shrinks classic modulation effect

Long heralded as one of the greatest flanger pedals of all time since its introduction in the late '70s, the A/DA Flanger is a stone-cold classic - and it just got a whole lot smaller with the introduction of the PBF (PedalBoard Friendly) Flanger.

Like the pedal's 2009 reissue, the PBF Flanger features controls for threshold (to adjust the built-in noise gate), enhance, manual, range, speed and harmonics, but adds a bass voicing switch for bass players, as well as an output level control.

In addition to compatibility with most expression pedals, the PBF Flanger can be powered by standard 9 to 12V DC power supplies - unlike the reissue's 18V.

The PBF Flanger is available to preorder from A/DA for $179.95.