Livetronica Studio: A new live performance DAW?

A new piece of software developed as a DJ and live performance hybrid.

Image 1 of 5 Loop view
Loop Console
Image 2 of 5 Vinyl view
The Turntables
Image 3 of 5 DJ Console
DJ Console
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The Drumset
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In the video above, Stagecraft Software shows off its new software Livetronica Studio. This new DAW is still in development, but is based on the idea of bundling a looper, timecode vinyl control and a DJing application into one.

Livetronica will also happily host VST or AU effects and instruments and looks to have to have an incredibly flexible interface. With programs like Bitwig Studio, the new version of NI's Traktor and now Livetronica springing up, should the crew at Ableton HQ be getting worried?

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