Musikmesse 2011: Takamine introduces four new guitars

A quartet of new acoustics including the highly limited Yazokura

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The EF300W
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The Kunoichi
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Musikmesse 2011 PRESS RELEASE:


The EG481SCX-FB is a variation on our Gloss Black EG481SCX. This NEXC shaped guitar features a 'Flat Black' finish, complemented by cream binding and a 'motorcycle chain' soundhole rosette. A 12th fret Cross inlay completes the unique look of this guitar.

The EG481SCX-FB will be priced at £419.


Based on our recent line of EF300 models, the EF300W offers a traditional looking instrument with a beautiful flamed black mahogany back and sides.

This guitar is limited to only 200 pieces and is available only in Europe. The EF300 will be priced at £1,115.


'Kunoichi' is the term given to a female Ninja in Japan. The Shogun would send these women to spy on his enemies. They attracted their enemy's Shogun and tried to gather secret info, or killed them as an assassin. Men are always weak to beautiful ladies, and they were deceived easily.

The OM body was chosen to represent a woman's body shape. The headstock and soundhole rosette were designed to be so attractive that no man could resist this beautiful guitar.

This guitar is a limited edition of only 80 guitars, available only in Europe. It will be priced at £2015.


The 'Yozakura' guitar is a celebration of the springtime in Japan, when the Cherry and Plum blossoms fall from the trees, creating a carpet of petals along the roads and pathways. Yozakura is, in particular, symbolic of the Sakura (Cherry Blossom time) as observed at night. This is represented in the Gloss Black finish, blossom inlays, and the crescent moon sound hole rosette.

This guitar is a limited edition of only 40 guitars, available only in Europe. It will be priced at £1,919.


Information taken from official press release, for more visit Takamine.

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