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LR Baggs Align Series Reverb Pedal review

Simple but effective

  • £219
  • €218
  • $179

Our Verdict

It’s about as simple a reverb as we’ve seen but it’s a fine fit for electro-acoustic guitar.


  • Easy to use. Solid reverb tones.


  • A little too basic at this price.

This reverb pedal may seem pretty basic compared with those that offer many types of ’verb in one box, but sometimes simplicity can be strength. 

The single reverb voice here has been shaped by LR Baggs to reflect the natural voice of an acoustic instrument and complement its dynamics. The reverb does wrap itself nicely around your sound with a range that runs from just a touch of extra ambience to a sense of a much larger space. 

The reverb amount and size is easily dialled in with the Reverb and Decay knobs but you also get a very practically ranged Tone knob that brightens or subdues to taste. 

For the money there are more versatile reverb pedals on the market but this one matches the style of the other pedals so is the obvious choice if you are building an LR Baggs signal chain and really is all you need if you want an easily operated pedal to provide a sense of space that complements your sound.