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Wampler Dual Fusion review

Two overdrives in one stompbox

  • £279
  • €275
  • $254
Vintage offers lower-gain amp-like overdrive, while modern has a more aggressive vibe

Our Verdict

Useful dual overdrive that's not just for fusion players.


  • Two overdrives. Great build quality.


  • It's two overdrives for the price of, well, two overdrives.

Designed for modern fusion player Tom Quayle, Wampler's Dual Fusion puts two overdrives, each with its own input and output, into one box.

"In a linear pedal chain, you have the option of stacking them in either order"

You can plug in and use each side completely independently if you're using a loop switcher - otherwise, in a linear pedal chain, you have the option of stacking them in either order.

Vintage offers lower-gain amp-like overdrive with a Smooth/Fat switch taking you from an overdrive with plenty of smooth upper mid presence to one that's cleaner.

The Modern channel offers a more aggressive vibe with loads of gain, and you can switch from Natural to Throaty for a bit more midrange. This supports legato playing, but both are really responsive to touch and offer excellent string clarity. Both together open up loads of voicing options.

It's not cheap, but with two really classy but different overdrives and versatile stacking/signal path options, the Dual Fusion is a real asset to any 'board.