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T-Rex Tapster tremolo review

Tap tempo trem sounds

  • £230
  • $399
The Tapster Tremolo combines a vintage trem sound with tap tempo capabilities

Our Verdict

The Tapster is a warm, organic amp-style tremolo that's always in sync with your music.


  • Tap tempo. Vintage-style tremolo sound.


  • Some waveform variations would make it more versatile.

You only have to listen to The Smiths' How Soon Is Now? to realise that tremolo sync'd to a song's tempo is one cool sound, so a tremolo stompbox with tap tempo makes perfect sense.

The Tapster takes the T-Rex Tremster (£155) to another level by adding a tap tempo footswitch linked to a subdivision switch, which determines how your tremolo operates in relation to the taps - in quarter notes, eighth notes, or eight-note triplets.


It gives you a nice rounded sine wave tremolo throb with a useful range of speed and depth, plus a volume control so you can dial in a volume drop or boost when you kick the effect in.