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T-Rex Diva Drive review

Got a fever for the Diva

  • £149
  • €200
  • $249
The mix control blends the overdrive signal with your clean tone

Our Verdict

It's pricey, but the Diva Drive is one of the best and most versatile TS-style overdrives we've heard in ages.


  • Three-way low-end voicing switch. Juicing, mid-boosted gain. Compact design.


  • Expensive.

The Diva Drive from Danish effects specialists T-Rex contains the legendary JRC4558 op-amp - as found in vintage TS pedals for juicy, mid-boosted gain.

"A three-way low-end boost control tailors the bass response"

The Diva Drive boasts a mix control for blending the overdriven signal with your clean tone, while a three-way low-end boost control tailors the bass response to your guitar.

The mix is handy for retaining clarity with extended chords, while the low-end switch is an easy win for filling in the gaps in your sound.