Suhr Rufus review

Warm fuzzy goodness in stompbox form

  • £179
  • €193
  • $200
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Our Verdict

A fuzz for all seasons, with variety and versatility in spades.


  • Extremely versatile fuzz sounds. Flexible control options. Quality build.


  • A little expensive.

Silicon transistor-based, the Suhr Rufus has more tonal tweaking power than many fuzzes as it features both a three-band EQ, and a three- position treble switch, which can be used to cut or boost the amount of high frequencies.

"Fuzz pedals can be very 'niche' but the Rufus transcends that by virtue of its tonal variation"

It also has two modes of operation: normal or fat (with increased low end) that can be switched between by holding down the footswitch - the LED lights up green or red respectively. Alternatively, this can be carried out by an external footswitch, which can be set to latching or momentary action.

Delivering great-sounding fuzz whether you like thick sustain or edgier garage/grunge-type sounds, this pedal has practical options and is not finicky about positioning on your 'board, as it accepts the output of a buffered device.

Fuzz pedals can be very 'niche' but the Rufus transcends that by virtue of its tonal variation, twin voices and signal chain flexibility. It's not cheap but it's a fuzz that's more versatile than most.

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Tech Specs

Battery/Adaptor Type9V Battery Nine-volt mains adaptor
Country of OriginUSA
FeaturesTrue bypass, switching between 2 modes
Dimensions64 x 32 x 114