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Origin Effects SlideRIG Deluxe review

The RIG gets even better

  • £279

Our Verdict

More options than the standard version; still great for slide but blending offers more universal use.


  • Improves on the excellent original.


  • 'Snap' to start of notes may not please all.

Taking the SlideRIG concept further, this version offers more comprehensive control of the signal blending, in comparison to the original.

Separate knobs are provided for the dual and single compression stages, while a third knob mixes in the dry signal for parallel compression.

There are all of the sounds from the standard version available, plus plenty of blends where compression sits with your dry signal for enhancement and increased sustain, and there's no mystery to dialling them up.

If you like fine control over note envelopes, you may gravitate towards the Cali76 models and their attack/release options - in both the SlideRIGs there is a 'snap' to the start of a note on some settings, but then we found this percussive nature worked perfectly for our electric 12-string and blended particularly nicely with the dry sound on conventional six-string.