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MXR M-80 Bass DI+ review

A direct injection box with a touch of magic

  • £249

Our Verdict

A robust and well set-out DI - a useful, albeit expensive tool to carry to gigs, just in case.


  • Tough and wellequipped; good EQ preset


  • Convincing techs your DI is better than theirs!

Direct linking with any PA system is never an exact science, so having your own DI box is always an asset. As an extra, this unit also offers highly controlled distortion and super quiet switching between straight DI and effect.


There's great adjustment on natural clean sounds, with the colour switch providing a tasteful preset EQ, and there's loads of warmth here too. The additional full-on distortion can be finely tuned for extra enhancement. The trigger control works with the gate switch to minimise noise when using the distortion.