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LTD FRX-401 review

Hellish looks for hellish riffing

  • £639
  • €949
  • $1141

Our Verdict

Our review model delivered a straight neck, low action and minimal tension... all of which make the FRX-401 an incredibly easy instrument to pick up. That is, of course, once you've figured out how you're going to put it down.


  • Impressive factory set-up.


  • Doesn't stand up straight!

If there's anything that LTD's FRX range screams from the rooftops, it's: 'I am the devil and I am here to do the devil's work'.

With more points than a NewsnightElection Special and more curves than a Nicki Minaj video, the 401 is certainly eye-catching - in fact, look too close and it will take your eye out.

Frustratingly, however, it's this unique selling point that ends up being one of its biggest flaws: the guitar doesn't stand up straight.

The lower fin underneath the LTD fixed bridge makes the guitar fall onto its right-hand side, and considering you might find yourself in situations where there isn't a guitar stand anywhere to be seen, this will inevitably end up in knocks, dings and breakages, unless you prop it up very carefully against a nearby wall.

It's a shame, because in many ways, the unconventional shape could very well be a contributing factor in this axe costing a fair amount more than what it probably should. On the plus side, the FRX-401 does boast some incredible cutaways that allow you to widdle all the way up to the 24th fret with your eyes firmly closed - for shred-happy metallers looking to stand out, this in itself could be a reason to invest.

Again, the EMG pickup set brings all the juice you need for a high-gain bonfire, this particular model favouring the cleaner and Metallica-approved EMG 60 in the neck, rather than the slightly muddier, Zakk Wylde-favoured EMG 85, giving it a little extra tonal mileage.