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Korg AX5G review

Korg add an expression pedal to their latest sub-£100 multi-FX unit...

  • £79
There's not a bad tone in the AX5G.

Our Verdict

At £79 you really can´t go wrong; make sure your local stockist throws some batteries into the deal, that´s all.


  • The expression pedal makes all the difference.


  • A muted tuner would be very useful. As would batteries...

Following the small yet perfectly formed AX3G comes the latest addition to Korg's constantly evolving armoury of guitar effects products.

By far the most notable feature here is the inclusion of an expression pedal and, depending on how you programme both the unit and how you actually build a patch, the pedal can act as a volume or a wah treadle, or be used for exacting precise control on various effect parameters.

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The unit is split into two sets of 40 patches and offers 16 amp and overdrive models alongside 10 cabinet simulations. There is the usual exhaustive plethora of REMS-driven effects and, once you've got your head around the initially confusing infrastructure, the unit's a cinch to use.
Imagine the shining face of a fledgling guitarist who's diligently saved the pennies and shelled out for their first multi-FX processor. They run back home, rip the AX5G from its cardboard domicile, only to find that there aren't any batteries included: c'mon Korg (you're not alone), simply providing four AAs would make the experience of anyone who buys an item like this that much better.


We're staggered at how far units such as this have come: from fizzy bumblebee-simulators to being packed full of genuinely useable tones in less than a decade, and the AX5G would suit anyone, either as a tonal notepad, an easy-to-use tonal generator or a live unit. The subdued overdrives and acoustic sims are especially good, but there's not a bad tone here.