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Joyo Vintage Overdrive review

  • £29
The Joyo Vintage Overdrive may not sound the most original - but at just £29, who cares?

Our Verdict

There are Tube Screamer clones everywhere you look. This one has the advantage of taking care of the overdrive and amp-driving duties for under 30 quid, even if the design is highly derivative.


  • Natural-sounding overdrive; rather cool colour scheme.


  • Nothing.

Joyo says that the Vintage Overdrive, a slightly larger pedal than some of the units in the range and definitely the cutest looking of the lot with its yellow knobs and green finish, is a representation of the classic Tube Screamer, with a JFC4588 chip.

The Vintage Overdrive delivers plenty of variation on a nice smooth overdrive, not a million miles removed from one of Ibanez's finest, and has a tone knob that covers a very useful range so you can zero in on just how much upper mid-range presence you need.