Jetter The Vibe review

  • £179
  • $229
A pulsing status LED indicates the speed and intensity of the effect.

MusicRadar Verdict

This could be the way to go if you want Univibe-esque sounds in a small pedal: a cool modulation source for the crowded pedalboard.


  • +

    Small footprint. Cool sound. Pulsing LED.


  • -

    Four-screw battery access. Only two control knobs.

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The Vibe is designed to emulate the classic Univibe sound in a space that's far more pedalboard-friendlythan the exceedingly bulky footprint of the original.

Take a look at our hand-on video demo

It features a four- stage light-driven circuit, a modern interpretation of the original. The speed and intensity of the effect are both adjustable and indicated by a pulsing status LED.


A familiar vintage watery swirl with plenty of low-end throb can be easily dialled in here to please Hendrix and Trower fans, but there's plenty of variation for a selection of modulation effects, including sounds in the tremolo and rotary speaker vein.

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