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Ibanez Tube King review

Ibanez offers you more tone in your distortion pedal

  • £49
You can see the valve glowing away, making your amp sound better

Our Verdict

If you want to add some warmth to your solid-state amp, this is for you.


  • Valve makes solid state amps sound almost like a valve amp.


  • The features beyond this aren't spectacular.

Ibanez has a long history of producing great distortion pedals with the Tube Screamer series.

But the TS range were solid-state pedals designed to get the most out of valve amplifiers - the new Tube King is a very different beast.

We're always a bit sceptical of pedals with built-in valves. We're not engineers so we don't know just how much the valve contributes to the sound.

That being said, the Tube King made our solid-state amp sound like a valve amp and that alone must justify the humble outlay.