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ESP LTD KH Junior review

Some kind of midget

  • £219
  • $355
It's like a normal guitar... only little!

Our Verdict

Pint-sized metal mayhem.


  • Cool concept pulled off in style.


  • Only a short-term solution.
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It's like a normal guitar... only little!

It's like a normal guitar... only little!

LTD KH Junior

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Skull fret markers, for metal kids only.

Skull fret markers, for metal kids only.

LTD KH Junior

Metallica's Kirk Hammett has shifted more ESPs than any other player - now he turns his attention to the younger market with LTD's dinky take on the KH202.


There's a genius concept behind Kirk's scaled-down LTD Junior. At three-quarters the size of a normal electric and with a 20.5-inch scale, this model can be negotiated by small hands and is sufficiently light that it won't stunt anyone's growth.

There aren't many credible 3/4 electrics on the market and with a cool reverse headstock, skull inlays and EMG humbuckers, this is the coolest we've seen.

Hands on

The KH Junior probably isn't an option for full-grown guitarists. You'll almost certainly graduate from this mini model as your hands get bigger. Still, for its market, you can't fault the quality of this pocket rocket.

Dig beneath the cool looks and you'll find some solid materials put together with great attention to detail, meaning that the fingerboard is smooth and playable, the neck profile won't slow anyone down, and the twin cutaways let you rock right up to the 22nd fret.

Sealing the deal are the EMG humbuckers - even though they're passive, we coaxed out a searing 'Enter Sandman' lead tone and a brutal grind at the neck. Great stuff.