Electro-Harmonix Bassballs

This stomp box is a compact and roadworthy version of the renowned Bassballs envelope follower.

  • £78
  • $108
Bassballs: great for that funky vibe!

Our Verdict

A charismatic effect that can add another sound to your bass sonic arsenal.


  • Great for funk bass.


  • Limited appeal.

Its twin dynamic filters combine to give a phased wah-like 'whowh' effect for bass guitarists looking to add a mean funk vibe to their sound.

As it's got just one adjustable Response control you'll only need about ten seconds to get the hang of it (and another couple of minutes to find the sweet spot to suit your playing style).

The filters are responsive, so the harder you attack those strings, the more pronounced the effect is. The other control is a Dist switch that gives a 'harmonically enhanced' (aka mildly distorted) version of the effect.

Although you probably won't find yourself relying on the Bassballs as a core element of your sound, it's a worthy addition to a bassist's box of tricks to use as a standout effect on a track, or to enhance selected notes or phrases.