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DOD Boneshaker review

A Bone to pick with you

  • £154
  • €155
  • $229

Our Verdict

Provided its particular brand of grit is your cup of tea, you'll have no problems honing in on the dirty sound you're after with the Boneshaker.


  • Joyously heavy tones.


  • Fuzz-tinged distortion won't be for everyone.

A collaboration with boutique builder Black Arts Toneworks, the Boneshaker aims to provide heavy tones to suit extended-range and baritone players.

A three-band EQ with individual levels provides huge gain-shaping potential, while a depth knob rounds and pushes the lows to cut through.

The pedal sounds mighty with everything at 12 o'clock or with specific frequencies boosted, straddling the line between distortion and fuzz.