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Danelectro Wasabi Overdrive review

A distortion pedal with a kick

  • £59
  • $119
The 50s stylings won't be to everyone's taste

Our Verdict

A decent overdrive pedal that packs a kick for soloing.


  • Good value. Pleasing range of tones. Boost function.


  • Not too versatile outside of high-gain.

Wasabi is that green stuff that Steve-O snorted up his snitch in the Jackass movie. It's also a budget distortion pedal from Danelectro.

Thankfully, the Wasabi pedal isn't quite as sick as those antics and is infact a pretty decent unit.
While Danelectro's 50s-influenced stylings and silly tailfins will be a love-it-or-hate-it affair, the build quality is decent, with metal casing and rubber grip pad.

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What's more it pumps out a range of pleasing vintage and modern tones. We especially liked the selectable boost function that kicked our lead breaks up a notch.