Behringer OD100 Overdrive Distortion review

  • £15
Overdrive distortion.

MusicRadar Verdict

Behringer looks poised to clean up.


  • +

    Those 'halfway' sounds between overdrive and distortion.


  • -

    Distortion alone is too scooped and fizzy for our tastes.

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Adjusting the mode control on this pedal that blends overdrive and distortion to taste, we found our favourite settings between 10 and two o' clock with the drive also set to around two o' clock.

This yields a solid, muscular drive sound that is great for alternative rock and the grungier end of the indie spectrum.

At the extreme ends of the mode control, the overdriven side of the equation is predictably the most organic sound, and if you ever needed a practical lesson in how scooping mids reduces your ability to cut through a mix with any real authority, twist the control hard clockwise to hear your guitar sound disappear.

With quality modelling amplifiers below £150 these days, and now decent sounding stompboxes retailing at £15, has there ever been a better time to go shopping for new gear?

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