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Electro-Harmonix Hot Wax review

Hot or cold

  • £115
  • €125
  • $111

Our Verdict

Plenty of fun to be found with this neat pedal.


  • Well priced.


  • A little temperamental.

A wallet-friendly option, the Hot Wax is a pairing of the Crayon full-range drive and reissued Hot Tubes in one. 

The bass and treble EQ options of the Crayon are used to control the tone-shaping for both circuits, while the addition of a blend control means that more subtle drive sounds are accessible. 

The Hot Tubes, however, is a somewhat temperamental drive compared with the open and intuitive saturation of the Crayon, and while there’s some powerful rhythm guitar tones to be found by stacking the two drives, most of the fun of this pedal lives on the Crayon side.