Why the Yamaha THRII is the ultimate home amp for all guitarists

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Where do you spend most of your guitar playing time?

Most guitarists share one common truth; a lot of our playing happens at home. Yamaha recognised this and pioneered the concept of the ‘desktop amp’ or ‘third amp’ in 2011 with its acclaimed THR combo. 

Now its follow-up, the THRII, moves ahead of the competition again to give players the most versatile home amp on the market.

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More tones 

The new THRII line encompasses three combo models; the 20-watt THR10II Wireless (£469) and 30-watt THR30II Wireless (£535) amps, plus the non-wireless 10-watt THR10II (£357). The THRII models offer a rechargeable internal battery as well as mains power option for added flexibility.

The THRII models offer three times as many sounds as the original THR10 and enable instrument as well as tonal versatility – whether you’re playing electric guitar, acoustic or bass.

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For guitarists there are five distinct amp models with three variations for each – Classic, Modern and Vintage – giving a wealth of tonal variation in 15 voices powered by Yamaha’s market-leading VCM technology.

Virtual Circuitry Modelling is hailed by the legendary audio engineer Rupert Neve for its analogue-like depth. And the THRII simulates amp circuits in detail for the kind of dynamic response valve users will appreciate, but at practical levels in their homes.

From detailed cleans to classic crunch and hi gain, along with a bass models and a trio of bespoke acoustic channels modelling classic mics, the THRII offers a wealth of rich tones at your fingertips to cover any genre. And you can recall them from five user presets at the touch of a button. 

The THRII offers a wealth of rich tones at your fingertips to cover any genre

The flat voicing option opens the THRII’s appeal even wider; allowing voice and keyboard to utilise its flexibility.

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Designed for life 

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The original THR was designed from the ground up to be your go-to portable amp for playing and recording in the home. Traditionally, players would opt for a larger valve amp for live performance and a smaller option for recording. Yamaha changed that.

The company pioneered the concept of the third amp with a bold but compact design that fitted into the home environment where other bulky amps looked conspicuous. 

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The THRII retains the tactile easy to use controls guitarists are familiar with and now offers extended stereo technology in its redesigned pair of 3.5” loudspeakers that belie its shelf-friendly dimensions.

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The super wide mode realises the potential of the THRII’s onboard effects, including reverb and delay, with stunning results. The series is supported by the THR Editor software and THR Remote app allowing you to customise the 10 included effects and the  amp’s parameters with ease. 

An onboard chromatic tuner and noise gate also underline Yamaha’s attention to creating the complete package for players with the THRII.

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The THRII offers additional flexibility for music listening via bluetooth or auxiliary connections. Its USB connectivity allows players to capture the THR’s wealth of tones for recording too.

Cable-free flexibility 

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The THRII encourages ease of playing in your home with two key features to add accessibility. THR10II Wireless and THR30II Wireless feature a wireless receiver to allow cable-free connectivity with your instrument via the Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter (available separately).

All three THRII models feature a rechargeable battery for up to five hours playing time, as well as the included mains adaptor.

(Image credit: Yamaha)

The THRII is the combination of comprehensive range of great features in the high build quality of a compact and stylish amp. One that will inspire anyone who wants to get more from their playing time at home.

For more information on where you can try the new Yamaha THRII range visit Yamaha


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