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VegaTrem is shaking up the tremolo market with the revolutionary VT1 for S-type guitars

VegaTrem's double-action VT1 UltraTrem is a revolutionary tremolo design - it's a downsized unit that allows bending of strings up and down, but without micro-tuners or any modification to the block system.

It's the only double-action floating bridge that does not require sanding or modifying the original cavity of Strat-style guitars. And unlike other brands, it means the guitar won’t lose value when you sell it on.

In the video below, Tim Pierce (guitarist for Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Joe Cocker, Madonna, Michael Jackson and many more) explains why, from Dallas to Tokyo, everyone who tests the VT1 UltraTrem is falling in love with this revolutionary double-action guitar tremolo.

If you love the look of your guitar, you won't want to add a weighty metal block, as with other tremolos on the market. But the VT1 UltraTrem fits in almost the same space as the original bridge, so your guitar will retain its appearance, with the added bonus of the VT1's classy stainless steel coating.

In the following video, UK virtuoso and guitar tester Tom Quayle explains why he is so impressed by the system.

The quality of the VT1 UltraTrem bridge is born not only of a reliable and robust design, but also of an exceptionally reliable manufacturing process. All of its components are made of high-quality stainless steel, and even the block is made of galvanised steel.

VegaTrem builds the VT1 in Spain, utilising modern production technology. That means it can offer a two-year warranty (double that of other best-selling tremolos).

The VT1 UltraTrem's mechanical improvements make it behave in a more musical way. It doesn't just enhance tone and reduce noise; it also allows you to hit intervals more accurately, allowing you to impersonate a pedal steel guitar, or nail perfectly intonated glissandos.

The VT1 story began in 2013 with professional guitarist Isaac Vega, a luthier, a drilling machine and a lot of enthusiasm. Five years of testing, hundreds of hours of research and a multitude of prototypes later came the crucial test: distributing the first VegaTrem units all around the world.

The result is here: every customer - most of them experienced guitar players and luthiers - agree the VT1 is a tremolo that's mechanically, musically and aesthetically superior.

UltraTrem VT1 key features

  • No sanding or piercing required to mount
  • Does not protrude and integrates harmonically into your guitar
  • Low profile means your whammy won’t get in the way of your playing
  • Made in Spain with top-quality stainless steel, utilising an exceptionally reliable manufacturing process (two years' worldwide full legal warranty - double the current best-selling brands)
  • Ultra-strong tuning stability and superb musicality. You will 'play like never before'
  • The widest up and down movement on the market.
  • No luthier needed: easy install. Check out the installation video below

Want to test it?

Visit the VegaTrem booth next 24/27 January 2019 at the NAMM Show, California. Booth #2445

Can’t wait to play like never before?

Order the VegaTrem here and save 5% with a free t-shirt!