Start playing jazz guitar with this comping chords video tutorial with tab from Elixir® Strings

Jazz comping is simply playing rhythmic chords or melodies to support other musicians. But it can be just as enjoyable to learn to play alone, and this video example by Elixir® Strings player Marc Seal is a great way to get started.

Rhythm is the most important element of playing that you can learn, and provides the foundation for everything else. Rhythmic comping provides the support for other musicians to solo over, and in turn their comping can do the same for your soloing. But regardless of its role in a band, Marc's piece is a great way to work on your solo rhythm chops. 


(Image credit: Elixir® Strings)

Marc is using his Taylor acoustic guitar for this video, fitted with his preference of Elixir NANOWEB® Coated Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings in 13-56 medium gauge. 

For his electric guitars Marc chooses Elixir OPTIWEB® Coated 10-46 Light gauge.


(Image credit: Elixir® Strings)

"Elixir® Strings always sound stellar and really last!" says Marc. "Because of the coating, they always feel like a new set of strings to me. Honestly, I love them!”

Elixir has also made the comping piece Marc Seal plays available as downloadable tab for players to learn here

For more information on the the company's full range of strings, visit Elixir® Strings and keep up to date with the latest news via Instagram and Facebook.


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