Slate Digital's FG-Dynamics captures the Solid State sound in your DAW

Slate Digital’s FG-Dynamics is the latest addition to their line-up of incredible plugins, bringing the classic Solid State sound that we know from countless hit records into a modern context. 

Fans of classic hardware will immediately recognise the aesthetic of the FG-Dynamics plugin, which is drawn from the VCA channel dynamics section of the classic British Solid State console that the plugin successfully emulates. FG-Dynamics is a highly accurate emulation of the iconic analogue sound, bringing a stunning compressor and a powerful expander/gate together in a single DAW-ready package.

Let’s dive in and see how FG-Dynamics works. At the top we have the controls you’d expect to find on a classic compressor: Threshold for dialling in the level at which the compressor takes action, and Ratio for specifying how much gain reduction will be applied once the signal passes that level. We’ve also got a Knee button for switching between hard knee and soft knee compression types, and an Attack switch for when you need a super-fast attack on the compressor. 

Moving down to the bottom of the panel, we’ve got a Mix control, which is a highly useful new addition. Letting you blend the compressed signal with the original, it allows for instant parallel compression without even leaving the plugin window. Another great feature  of FG-Dynamics is that it’ll adjust makeup gain automatically, allowing you to hear minute changes in sonic character without having to constantly adjust levels accordingly - this makes it easier to dial in powerful, effective compression. 

If you’re looking to quickly punch in a particular style or type of compression tailored to the sounds you’re working with, FG-Dynamics is the plugin for you. Slate have created a range of expert presets that are usefully labelled so you can instantly get results. There’s options for specific instruments - Funk Guitar, Snare and Solid Bass for example - and also presets tailor-made for common mixing functionalities, like Punchy Mix Bus or Drum Bus Slapper. 

It might be packed with useful controls and features, but the most important thing about FG-Dynamic is the sound it delivers. Slate’s engineers have painstakingly recreated the sound of the classic Solid State hardware on this plugin, and it doesn’t take long to hear the results: warm, colourful, punchy and present, this compressor will work wonders on anything from a drum bus to a synth line to a vocal take. 

FG-Dynamics sits inside Slate Digital’s Virtual Mix Rack, which features a host of other dynamics processors and emulations of classic hardware. You can access FG-Dynamics, the Virtual Mix Rack and many other sonic tools from Slate through their All Access Pass. Head over to Slate Digital’s website now to begin a free trial of the All Access Pass and try every Slate Digital plugin free for a month.