Novation’s Peak synth has an analogue heart but a digital mind

Having been considered all but obsolete, analogue synths are big business once again, with demand for their rich, warm sound at an all-time high. However, there are still strong arguments for using digital instruments, which offer convenience and flexibility.

The ideal solution, then, would be a synth that marries the sonic character of analogue with the benefits of digital, and that’s precisely what Novation is offering with Peak.

This is a hybrid synth that gives you the analogue sound that you’ve been looking for, but has digital features where they make sense. It’s an eight-voice polysynth module that features three ‘New Oxford Oscillators’ per voice (that’s 24 oscillators in total) that were designed by Chris Huggett, the man behind the classic Wasp and OSCar synths, as well as Novation’s own SuperNova and Bass Station. They may be digital, numerically-controlled oscillators, but they deliver true analogue-style operation and sound, while also offering 17 wavetables and linear FM capabilities.

Post NCOs, the signal path is entirely analogue; this path features a multimode resonant filter for each voice and three distortion points (pre-filter, post-filter and global). If it’s grit and character that you’re looking for, this will deliver them in spades.

Throw in a 16-slot modulation matrix, three ADSR envelopes, two LFOs per voice and an effects section and you’ve got a cutting-edge synth that delivers a timeless sound. Peak is truly the best-of-both-worlds instrument that you’ve been waiting for.

Find out more on the Novation website.