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Make your guitar throb in time with Rainger FX's Deep Space Pulsar mini pedal

Rainger FX has announced the latest mini pedal to join its roster of innovative designs, the Deep Space Pulsar.

The DSP is designed to emulate 'side-chaining' a guitar signal - by syncing it to dip in volume with each kick drum - and can be synced to a live drummer, drum machine, DJ or CV pulse.

Tap tempo is also available to input the time, via Rainger's included Igor pressure pad, while a bass drum mic is also thrown into the bargain.

Two controls adjust the amount of dip and speed of release, and an invert switch allows the pedal to release a pulse of sound with each drum beat.

The Deep Space Pulsar is available now for £164 - head over to Rainger FX for more info.

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