Make music anywhere with BLUE LAVA Original Guitar

Make Music Anywhere with Blue Lava Original Guitar (Image credit: LAVA Music)

 First, you should know that its well-designed compact, lightweight, and weatherproof body makes this guitar a very practical choice for players on the go, but there’s a lot more to the story. BLUE LAVA’s striking walnut and Frost White finish, rich tone and built-in electronics will certainly make it a favorite for guitarists who perform and record, too.

When you’re on the road, you don’t need extra weight from a bulky instrument. With BLUE LAVA’s ultra-light body and construction you are free to move around and play without effort. At only 3.7lb, this guitar is as comfortable to carry about as it is to play. And, its accommodating 36″ length means that it will fit just about anywhere you need it to.


BLUE LAVA is easy to play. (Image credit: Lava Music)


If you are a confirmed adventurer who has to have a guitar along, you’ll appreciate that BLUE LAVA is built to be weather resistant. Past an attractive and durable finish, it was built with high pressure laminate (HPL) materials. These are layers of organic material impregnated with a phenolic resin that are heated while simultaneously being pressed at high pressures, often thousands of pounds per square inch. 

The result is a thin sheet that’s very hard and very tough. Leveraging these durable raw materials causes BLUE LAVA to remain stable even in changing weather conditions, like changing temperature and humidity that can alter the playability and even damage traditional wood instruments. Also, by featuring highly recyclable materials, the design of BLUE LAVA serves an important role in reducing both material and manufacturing impact on nature.

Without question, one of the most compelling features of this guitar is LAVA MUSIC’s signature L2 Preamp with FreeBooost and the 4-MASS technology. Much more than just a preamp, the electronics built into the guitar provide chorus, delay, and onboard reverb effects that serve to accentuate and enhance the instrument’s already full, bright tone. 

With the touch of a button, players can get more creative and expressive, shaping unique sounds for their music. The L2 Preamp can boost the guitar’s output even without plugging into an amp, using innovative FreeBoost technology that uses the guitar back as a speaker.

Blue Lava Guitar

BLUE LAVA has a built-in preamp with effects. (Image credit: LAVA Music)


BLUE LAVA can make even beginning players sound great with its advanced electronics and easily adjustable onboard effects, but it’s important to consider that it sounds great as a basic acoustic guitar, too. Sans electronics, it offers players a surprisingly rich tone that belies the guitar’s diminutive body size and portability.

To get an idea of what this guitar can do, you can listen along as Guitar World’s Tech Editor, Paul Riario, puts BLUE LAVA through its paces in this video. Paul does a great job of running down the different features, providing useful sound samples (with and without effects), as well as telling us a bit more about LAVA Music.

None of the electronics would matter if the guitar wasn’t easy to play, so BLUE LAVA has custom designed a guitar neck with an ergonomic shape that offers players the most comfortable finger positioning for both beginners and professionals. The neck shape, a 2.3mm string height, and a conveniently shaped thin heel combine to make playing easy and consistent everywhere on the neck. With its neck attached through a precision machining process and a design that includes a truss rod, BLUE LAVA’s neck is easily adjustable to suit the player. The neck even has a unique magnetic truss rod cover that is simple to remove and replace, allowing you to adjust the neck with ease.  


BLUE LAVA weighs just 3.7lbs and is just 36" long. (Image credit: LAVA Music)


BLUE LAVA is a well-designed, great sounding, guitar that is ready to go with you wherever you travel. And with electronics and great sounding effects, it can support many styles–even help you to create a style of your own. 

It’s a compact guitar package that includes a padded bag, a micro USB (to A) cable for charging, a cleaning cloth, pick, and a big sound that will surprise you.

Check out all this and other BLUE LAVA guitar models here.  

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