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Learn some killer rock and blues speed licks with renowned guitarist Kris Barras

The UK’s Kris Barras is one of the world’s hottest blues guitarists right now, owing to his searing solos and slick slide techniques, and here, he shares two lessons to speed up your guitar playing.

The first lesson takes a look at a speedy rock and blues lick using the Dorian scale in the key of Am.

Part two, meanwhile, uses a chromatic legato scale with pull-offs to generate some serious speed.

Although these lessons are aimed at intermediate players, beginners can play through the licks at a slower tempo to build up dexterity and coordination.

These videos come courtesy of Elixir Strings, Kris’s favourite electric guitar strings.

As Kris says, “I hate changing strings, and I can always rely on Elixir Strings to maintain a great feel and awesome tone - show after show.”

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