How to use a digital guitar amp, part 3: downloads, forums and community

Using the mobile connectivity of the CODE series isn't just about saving and recalling your own presets and taking them with you; there's a world of new tones available online.

You can share and organise your own library in the cloud, and best of all, every change you make is automatically synced between My Marshall and the Gateway application, ready to update your CODE amplifier.

The community and forums also offer you an avenue to discuss your tone and equipment with other CODE users by signing in with your My Marshall account.

Getting started with My Marshall

Create a My Marshall account on to access the My Marshall cloud service. It's recommended that you use a modern web browser like Google Chrome to access the website.

Once logged in, you can upload your presets, search and filter existing presets and watch demonstration videos or listen to sound clips uploaded by other users. You can also rate presets, up-voting them if you think they sound good.

Presets and downloads

When logged in to My Marshall, presets are organised into two tabs: 'Featured' and 'User Presets'. 'Featured' are the presets created by Marshall, or top user-created patches with a sufficient number of downloads and up-votes. 'User Presets' are all the presets uploaded by CODE users.

Clicking on a preset will reveal all of the settings contained within it, so you can check it over before downloading.

To audition a preset without downloading it, connect your amp to your computer, and then click the amp icon on the preset that says 'Download to CODE'. This will temporarily override the currently loaded preset on the CODE amplifier so you can hear how it sounds.

To add a preset to your library, simply click the smartphone 'Add to Library' button on the preset, and it will be added to the My Library panel, which contains all the additional presets you've created or added, as well as the system defaults.

The My Gateway panel allows you to manage the hundred presets currently synced with your Gateway application. All extra presets will appear at the bottom of this area.

To vote a preset up, simply click the vote up 'horns' icon on the preset.


The My Marshall forum is a dedicated area for all Marshall users to talk about their products, discuss all things Marshall and ask for help or technical support if required.

You can ask questions of your own, or search and filter existing questions if you think yours might already have been answered. If you do post, then you can see any answers under the 'My Activity' tab, so you don't have to bookmark your original question.

That’s a brief overview of the CODE’s connectivity, spanning downloads, forums and community.

For more info on the amp, head over to our guides on dialling in tones and saving presets, plus integrating with the Marshall Gateway app.