How to choose a guitar amp with Laney Tubeology

Choosing an amp to fit your needs as a guitarist can be daunting, but renowned British guitar amp company Laney has aimed to make it easy with its Tubeology guide.

The video above takes through the family-run company’s expansive range, helping you to choose the right amp for you - all come in head and cab format, and in a wide range of wattages.

The Cub is a low-wattage recording amp at an affordable price point, while still boasting an all-tube design. Its warm, classic tone and simple control layout makes it an ideal entry point to tube amps.

Players looking for a pedal platform will do well to check out the Lionheart’s single-ended Class A format. Its boutique-style tonality is open and responsive, while twin channels and a Celestion G12H speaker ensure tonal integrity.

The GHR range is made up of twin-channel heads and combos that boast Laney’s innovative power balance feature – that makes them real tweakers’ amps, which can deliver everything from clean to high-gain, with easy connectivity via a DI balanced output with speaker emulation.

Perhaps the most versatile offering in the Laney range is the Ironheart, a triple-channel behemoth that can handle everything from clean funk to modern metal. Add in vari-watt functionality and expansive tone shaping, and there are no sounds it can’t deliver.

Full demos of each of the amps are available on Laney’s YouTube channel.

Laney, the only British amp manufacturer over 50 years old, is still family-owned and run. It’s committed to delivering quality amplification to all levels of players, regardless of their chosen genre or budget.