VIDEO: Klon KTR, Gold and Silver Centaur comparison

(L-R) Silver Centaur, KTR, Gold Centaur
(L-R) Silver Centaur, KTR, Gold Centaur

There are boutique overdrives, and then there's the Klon Centaur. With originals being found on the pedalboards of superstar tonehounds across the globe and commanding frankly astronomical prices on the secondhand market, the demand for a new production model is significant.

Although production of the Centaur ceased in 2009, its creator Bill Finnegan revealed in December 2011 that a new Klon overdrive was on the horizon. With sightings of the new unit in the flesh reported, and filmed, at NAMM 2012, now you can finally hear the Klon KTR in a direct studio comparison with the Silver and original Gold Centaur pedals.

The most significant change from the original Centaur in the new KTR circuit is that it will come with a switchable bypass, toggling between buffered and true bypass settings depending on your preference. To our ears, all three units sound pretty damn close, with the Gold Centaur having a slightly softer midrange. Have a listen and let us know what you think...

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