Sebastian Bach speaks about possibly joining Velvet Revolver

Currently being outfitted for Velvet?
Currently being outfitted for Velvet?

It's the rumour that just won't seem to go away, and this week Sebastian Bach admitted that he has spoken to Slash about the possibility of joining Velvet Revolver, which parted ways acrimoniously with singer Scott Weiland.

While Bach didn't rule anything out, he said his potential union with Velvet Revolver would be "awkward...It would all depend on music. I wouldn´t just join the band just to join the band. If we came up with some incredible new songs, then maybe I´d think about it.”

The main reason for Bach's unease stems from his longtime friendship with Axl Rose, who maintains a testy relationship with his ex-Guns N' Roses bandmate, Slash.

“I´m very close friends with Axl,” Bach said, “He's been so nice to me - he´s helped me out my whole career. In Skid Row, he helped us out, and in my solo band he brought me around the world, and then sang three songs on my new CD [Angel Down], which is pretty mind-blowing. It´s a cut-throat business, but Axl´s been so nice to me. I don´t think I would feel comfortable just joining Velvet Revolver and singing his songs every night. So I don´t think that´s gonna happen.”