NAMM 2017: Amptweaker's Pressurizer compressor/boost 'won't mess with attack'

NAMM 2017: US pedalists Amptweaker have produced the Pressurizer in response to what they say is a common customer request - sustain without compression. In other words "don't mess with my attack".

The compact pedal attacks the problem (sorry) in a few different ways, and includes a built-in output FET limiter/booster, making this a very capable clean tone tweaker.

Parallel 'studio-grade' compression with a wet/dry blend, and some unusual side-chain variations, lets Pressurizer range from a smooth compression that limits the initial 'whack' to a dry-blended approach that adds compression after a short delay.

The Bloom switch (Fast/Off/Slow) rewires the side-chain detector so the signal initially compresses before growing. Deployed alongside dry, the tone - yes - blooms 'like a great Les Paul'.

Only the compressed signal is affected and boosts highs to cut through, or cuts midrange to help match the 'blooming' tone to the dry. The Limiter switch adds a FET booster after the blend, and can be set Soft for barely limiting, Hard for a slightly broken-up sound, or Off for no limiting.

And since Amptweaker believe that many of you always leave your compressor on, the PressuRizer has a 2-Step footswitch. Normally, it's a true bypass on/off switch, but if you press & hold the switch, it locks the compressor on, and then tapping kicks in another boost knob on the side of the pedal.

Amptweaker Pressurizer specification

  • Sustain, Tone, Master Volume controls
  • Tone boosts highs or cuts mids of the compression
  • Bloom switch sets compression swell to Fast/Off/Slow
  • Wet/Dry Blend control to help preserve attack
  • FET output Limiter/booster with Soft/Off/Hard settings
  • Press & Hold footswitch to access extra Boost knob
  • True Bypass switching
  • Runs on 9V to 18V batteries or supplies - 9V provides harder FET limiting, while 18V is more open and less distorted, and provides more dramatic compression.
  • Thumbscrew removable bottom with holes for tie-wrap or screw-in pedalboard attachment methods
  • Current: 13mA with at 9V, 15mA at 18V
  • DC Adapter jack, standard 2.1mm X 5.5mm, center ground(-)
  • Weight: 9 ounces, Dimensions: 2.7"W X 4.65"D X 2"H
  • Made in the USA

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