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Fredric Effects releases Accomplished Badger boost effects pedal

London-based Fredric Effects has announced the latest pedal to join its growing sett (ahem), the Accomplished Badger boost.

Besides possessing our favourite pedal name of 2016, the Accomplished Badger is a two-stage boost, with an op amp buffer/boost driving a Germanium transistor gain stage.

Fredric Effects says that these transistors are "individually selected vintage new-old-stock components, tested for optimal gain and low leakage". Nice.

Having two gain stages means our Badger friend can be used as a clean boost, or it can provide a more saturated, torn speaker-esque sound, as demonstrated in the demo below.

Surely Brian May will want one of these? The brilliantly, brilliantly named Accomplished Badger is available now for £95 from Fredric Effects.