“They’ll never leave your hand”: Yes, it’s the world’s first diamond-encrusted guitar pick

Diamond-encrusted guitar picks
(Image credit: Patoma Music)

Guitar picks, eh? Ten a penny. Easy come, easy go.

Not these ones. Patoma Music has launched diamond-encrusted picks that they claim will ‘elevate guitarists playing at any level.’ There is, apparently, one carat of the precious material in the Diamond Grip pick, which is also made of Delrin plastic.

This isn’t just some ridiculous extravagance (not there’s anything wrong with that if you can afford it), the diamond, which is coated on the pick’s grip does have some practical advantages. Patoma experimented with various non-slip materials before deciding that nothing “performs as well as real, natural diamond”.

Diamond is an extremely abrasive material and thus easier to stay in the hand, so you can dig the picks into guitar strings without the fear of them slipping out their grasp, even if you’re strumming hard or picking.

Indeed with its ‘optimal control and precision’, Patoma claims that the pick will “never leave your hand.”

These will also of interest to those guitarists who suffer with nerve damage or arthritis, as less pressure is needed to secure the pick in your hand. 

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The Diamond Grip pick comes in a range of thicknesses, from 0.6mm to 2.0mm, and two shapes – an original and a pointer version which they’ve dubbed ‘The Sharp’. Each thickness comes with a different colour, with options including purple, green, and vintage white.

Perhaps they could be played with the luxury acoustic that Martin issued the other year that’s encrusted with 436 diamonds?

Only set up in November, Patoma’s are relatively new players in the world of guitar accessories. The story goes that co-founder Nick Tomasi was frustrated at picks slipping out of his hand. One day his father, Mario, caught him slicing up some new guitar picks he had bought him. 

At the time, Mario worked in a diamond workshop. The shop excelled at making diamond-plated cutting wheels, which gave the young guitarist an idea. Nicholas asked his old man if it was possible to combine the diamond grip on the wheels with his guitar picks. The result is the Diamond Grip Pick.

The only remaining question is what do you do with the things once they’re worn down and unplayable? Too valuable to chuck away, they’d surely have to be upcycled into...ornaments? Jewellery? Who knows?

Needless to say they’re a lot pricier than your average pick, but the price tag of $17 could be a lot worse. Three packs at $45 are also available.

For more information head over to Patoma’s website at patomamusic.com

Will Simpson
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