T-Rex ToneBug Fuzz review

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Our Verdict

If you like your fuzz edgy and raw, you'll like this.


  • 1960s-style fuzz tones revisited; useful sonic shaping options.


  • Not a lot.
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The ToneBug Fuzz offers great sonic shaping.

T-Rex ToneBug Fuzz

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The ToneBug Fuzz riffs on classic 1960s fuzz sounds

The ToneBug Fuzz riffs on classic 1960s fuzz sounds.

T-Rex ToneBug Fuzz

With controls for fuzz, tone and output level, the ToneBug Fuzz offers variations on the classic fuzz sound, plus a signal boost (or cut) - if you should want one - when you kick it in.


Old-school square wave clipping creates sounds from a mild distortion at the very minimum setting on the fuzz knob, through to full-on raspy fuzz at the other extreme. The tone control offers powerful shaping, from a crisp, trebly sheen with lots of the mid scooped out, through to a sound that gives more emphasis to a honking upper mid-range.

Finding the right fuzz is a nightmare, as there are so many variations on the theme. But if you like your fuzz edgy and raw - not as soft as a Fuzz Face, not as barking mad as a Big Muff Pi - you'll like this.

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Tech Specs

Country of OriginChina
Available ControlsFuzz Level Tone
Available Inputs1/4 Inch Jack
Available Outputs1/4 Inch Jack
Battery/Adaptor Type9V Battery
Unit Power Source9V DC Adaptor