Sonuus Voluum review

  • £179
  • €269
  • $349

The most voluminous of volume pedals

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Our Verdict

Provided you have time to spare, the flexibility and quality of tones make the Voluum well worth getting lost in.


  • Stupefying tonal potential. Good manual. Full of (pleasant) surprises. Rock solid build.


  • Could do with a bigger screen.
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Volume has never been the sexiest effect, but the genius Brits at Sonuus might just change all that with the Voluum.

It packs five analogue effects - noise gate, compressor, LFO (tremolo), volume and limiter - all of which can run at once and offer a staggering amount of flexibility thanks to digital control.

"The amount of potential here is stupefying, so the factory presets make a solid launchpad for your own patches"

Effects are tweaked using the minimal control layout and LED display - initially, we were a little flummoxed, but 15 minutes with the well-written manual explained all: press the effects knob to select the effect, the active button to activate it, then use the up/down buttons to scroll through parameters and twist the effects knob to adjust 'em.

Every effect defies expectations: volume can give you string-like swells using envelope control, gate cuts your decay short for synth-like blips, plus you get full treadle or envelope control of tremolo rate and rhythmic stutters.

There's no faulting the 'normal' sounds, either: the compressor is as transparent and smooth as any optical unit we've heard, while the volume pedal itself is hugely customisable, and can even be used as a boost.

The amount of potential here is stupefying, so the factory presets make a solid launchpad for your own patches - and while we would have liked a bigger screen on the pedal itself, Sonuus's Editor for Mac/PC makes creating and saving presets a whole lot easier.

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Tech Specs

Available Outputs1/4 Inch Jack MIDI out USB
Available Inputs1/4 Inch Jack MIDI
Country of OriginUK
Unit Power Source4 x AA Batteries Mains USB
FeaturesVolume/compressor/limiter/noise gate/tremolo; true or buffered bypass