Fret-King Power Boost

This boost is made for stomping

The Power Boost is the first of two boosts pedals in the new Fret-King pedal range. It offers 20dB of boost on tap, but while its sibling the Clean Boost is crystal clear, this has a certain edginess and dirt to the sound that will excite a valve amp into overdrive.

"At full boost, the pedal made our cleanish valve amp sound superbly raunchy"

At full boost, the pedal made our cleanish valve amp sound superbly raunchy, and while the jump in level with the knob maxed out may be too much to make onstage switching practical, you could use this at the front end as a permanently-on component of your core sound.

In some ways the Power Boost could be seen as a halfway house between a clean boost and an overdrive. If you have an amp sound that's just right but needs a touch more grit, as well as a volume boost for solos, it's a very practical alternative to using an overdrive pedal. It's also a contender for giving an overdrive or distortion pedal that extra push when needed.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Good halfway house between overdrive and boost. Price. Connection options.


Plain design.


A nicely voiced boost for a lot more than increased volume.

Country of Origin


Available Controls



64 x 112 x 54

Available Outputs

2x1/4-inch jacks

Available Inputs

2x1/4-inch jacks


True bypass, duplicated inputs and outputs

Battery/Adaptor Type

9V Battery Nine-volt mains adaptor

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