Electro-Harmonix OD Glove

A Marshall-aping glove 'box

While many of Electro-Harmonix's 2014 line-up of pedals are firmly based on an older generation of stompers, the OD Glove finds its inspiration in classic British amps, and seems to be designed to deliver vintage Marshall-like tones.

"The range of overdrive here is massive, starting from clean boost and going on to the higher gain"

The range of overdrive here is massive, starting from clean boost and going on to the higher gain, harmonically-rich distortion sounds of a flat-out amp; all cleaning up nicely with your guitar's volume control.

The tone switch controls the mid-frequency emphasis - flick it in, and you'll get a huge dollop of upper-mid presence that'll punch your sound right through the band.

Another useful feature is an internal switch that allows you to choose between nine and 18 volt operation, offering a subtle but tangibly different playing feel with less compression at the higher value.

With two voices and thoughtful voltage options, this is a versatile raunchbox with great sound at a bargain price.

MusicRadar Rating

4.5 / 5 stars

Lots of options, tonally. Great build and price.


Not much.


A versatile, wide-ranging Brit-flavoured overdrive under 50 quid.

Available Outputs

1/4 Inch Jack

Available Inputs

1/4 Inch Jack


True bypass

Battery/Adaptor Type

9V Battery Nine-volt mains adaptor

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