Dunlop Crybaby Jerry Cantrell Wah

Alice In Chains man's signature Wah

Every pedalboard deserves a decent wah. It's the ubiquitous sound to which countless washing machines have been 'repaired', crimes in the 70s were solved, and Jimi Hendrix chopped down mountains.

Alice In Chains' Jerry Cantrell has now joined the ranks of Hendrix, Slash, and Hammett, getting his very own signature Crybaby. JC's wah comes in an oxidised brass finish, with the lyrics to AIC's Black Gives Way To Blue printed on the base plate, but the most important feature is the control knob on the side.

This is used to extend or decrease the maximum toe-down sweep of the pedal, so with the pot set at max, you'll get more high end. Plugging in with the pot set towards the middle of its range gives a more standard Crybaby sound; if you like the sound a bit darker it can be rolled back.

Some wah pedals can break up, ruining the smoothness of clean sounds, but this stays focused throughout its sweep.

Extending the control all the way up and setting to a distorted tone gets you added snarl, which accents the more 'vocal' sounds the pedal is capable of.

It may be £60 more than a standard Crybaby but the addition of the frequency control means that you can go from a vintage-sounding Crybaby tone to a modern scream at the turn of the dial. We think it's worth the extra cash

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Useful range of wah sounds.


£60 more than standard.


It may be a fair bit pricier than the standard model, but Jerry Cantrell's signature wah is a proper Crybaby, and then some…


Signature wah pedal. Controls: Frequency. Sockets: In, out, power

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