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Walrus Audio Mayflower review

Add some cutting edge to your rhythm

  • £169
  • €173

Our Verdict

Quality overdrive with a neutral tonality that should work well with any sort of amp.


  • Great build and tone.


  • Very few.

The Mayflower is a low-to-medium gain overdrive. 

With the Drive control at minimum and Level anywhere above two o’clock, it offers a clean boost with 
just a touch of grit. And it’s tonally very transparent, keeping your tone intact unless you want to use the Bass and Treble knobs for a bit of enhancement. 

We like it with just a touch of extra top for added sparkle. 

Turning up the Drive knob brings in more of that grit, but it just sounds and feels like you’ve made your own amp a little dirtier rather than turning on a pedal - it’s a practical complement to a clean amp
or one that’s just breaking up, and will add dirt while retaining articulation. 

We particularly liked it for adding a cutting edge to rhythm work or putting a bit of hair on single notes for edgier country-style picking. It also stacks very well with other dirt pedals to give them a natural-sounding extra gain stage.