Two Notes Le Lead review

French company cranks the gain

  • £219
  • €295
  • $350
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Our Verdict

High-gain sounds in a form factor that lends itself to a range of scenarios.


  • Records well.


  • Some issues with gain sounds.

Le Lead is the destination of choice for modern high-gain tone.

Clean channel A offers quite a contrast compared with what channel B is capable of. By itself, it records well and can deliver a pretty cool boost pedal for an amp, but to a player looking for high-gain sounds, it may perhaps be of more use when used in the Fusion modes to blend with channel B for adding a touch of clarity to the compressed saturation or boosting it for extra gain.

Anyone looking for rock and metal tones to combine with a speaker simulator for a complete system might like to give this a listen: channel B's swept-mid EQ is able to variously set up scooped sounds or add boost for extra body or presence.

Like Le Crunch, though, when using the pedal purely as a dirt box, we find the gainier voicings bright and need to tame the fizz to get results that complement our amp.

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Tech Specs

Country of OriginChina
FeaturesTrue hardwired bypass