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Suhr Riot Reloaded review

Multi-voiced distortion stompbox

  • £179
  • €198
  • $200
The Riot Reloaded offers natural amp-like distortion that will transform a clean amp

Our Verdict

A stack-in-a-box with practical voicing options for classy amp-style distortion.


  • Natural, amp-like distortion. Useful voicing options.


  • Nothing.

The Riot Reloaded from Suhr is another re-worked pedal, this time adding 30 per cent more gain than the original and three voicing options via a toggle switch.

"These are ideal distortion choices to complement various rock and metal styles"

As well as distortion and level knobs, the tone knob focuses the distortion in an optimum range: never too dull or too fizzy. The Riot can not only sit in front of a clean amp to deliver driven and high-gain amp tones, making a Fender Deluxe come over all Marshall JCM800, but also offers an extra dimension for a already driven amp.

The first of the voicings (presumably based around Germanium diodes) is naturally responsive to instrument volume; the second offers more bottom-end girth and midrange clout; while the third yields scooped-midrange clarity.

These are ideal choices to complement various rock and metal styles, but all have an effective upper-mid presence that will let you be heard... whatever your music.