Mission Engineering VM-PRO

The volume pedal gets buff(ered)

  • £155
  • $189
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Our Verdict

Yes, it's another volume pedal, but few can match the VM-PRO's versatility, not to mention its high-integrity buffer.


  • Lots of options. It works.


  • Pricey.

Passive volume pedals are notorious for sucking your high-end, and the same goes for 'boards loaded with true bypass pedals. Hoping to solve these problems is Mission's VM-PRO, a top-end buffered volume pedal.

"The VM-PRO's audiophile-grade buffer is always on, which helps to maintain treble content"

The VM-PRO's audiophile-grade buffer is always on, which helps to maintain treble content, while three internal switches match the pedal to your rig: Active/ Passive prevents active pickups overdriving the pedal's internal amplifier; Sparkle increases the high-frequency response at low volumes; and Impedance provides compatibility with Fuzz Faces and the like.

The actual pedal has a similar build to a modern Cry Baby, with easy battery access, plus a standard input and TRS output to connect a tuner for silent tuning - although a second output would have been simpler here. It runs from a nine-volt to 18-volt PSU or a nine-volt battery.

In Use

The VM-PRO's travel is silky smooth, while the buffer brightens up clean tones and provides a slightly increased output compared with running your guitar straight into an amp. The switches work a treat, too: Sparkle adds a touch more treble to lower-volume tones, while Active/Passive is ideal for use with high-output humbuckers.

With the VM-PRO, Mission has created a volume pedal with enough options for almost any rig. If your high-end is going AWOL and you need a high-quality volume pedal, the VM-PRO is well worth a look.