Lovepedal Les Lius review

Fender tweed-style tones in a pedal

  • £139
  • €189
  • $179
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Our Verdict

Wonderful, evocative tweed tones in a pedal.


  • Convincing Tweed tones. Ease of use.


  • Niche.

The Lovepedal Les Lius is a drive pedal designed to give you vintage Fender 'tweed'-style tone. A three-way toggle switch provides tones based on late 50s Fender amps - a Deluxe and a Twin, plus a combination of the two.

"In front of our more modern Fender, the pedal yields a lovely dirty tweed sound"

A master volume knob lets you set the level with a fixed amount of drive, but engaging the right- hand footswitch brings in another gain stage to crank it up with a second knob.

In front of our more modern Fender, the pedal yields a lovely dirty tweed sound, which basically means dirtier, more urgent and mid-rich sounding.

Cranked, the Deluxe setting puts you in the mind of more compressed Neil Young territory, while the Twin mode can deliver higher-headroom Keef rhythm tones. It's very easy to use, too.

There are more versatile general double overdrives around, but if you want more old-school tweedy Fender sounds packed into your pedal, this is a no-brainer. Niche appeal, perhaps, but we like this a whole lot.

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Tech Specs

Available Outputs1/4 Inch Jack
Available Inputs1/4 Inch Jack
Country of OriginUSA
Unit Power Source9 Volt Batteries 9V DC Adaptor
FeaturesTrue bypass, twin footswitches (Bypass, Stack mode)